Galaxie 500 was a trio: Dean Wareham, Naomi Yang, and Damon Krukowski. The band formed in Boston in 1987, and broke up in 1991. While the band was active, it released three albums on Rough Trade Records: Today (1988), On Fire (1989), and This Is Our Music (1990). Since the band’s demise, three additional archival recordings have also been released: Uncollected (rarities and outtakes, 1987-90), Peel Sessions (recorded for BBC Radio 1′s John Peel Show, 1989 & 1990), and Copenhagen (recorded live by Danish National Radio, 1990). The three original albums have now been remastered and reissued on LP, as they originally appeared. On CD, each has been packaged with one of the three archival discs as a bonus. These physical releases are available worldwide from 20-20-20. They are also available digitally via high-quality download from the Galaxie 500 bandcamp page.

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Galaxie 500 - Today

Galaxie 500's influential 1988 debut, remastered for LP in 2009.

CD is a 2-CD set packaged with "The Uncollected Galaxie 500."

“An astonishing debut by anybody’s standards… A haze of warm psychedelic-like torpor.” — Melody Maker

Galaxie 500 - On Fire

Galaxie 500's second and most popular album, remastered for LP in 2009.
LP available in black vinyl or limited edition orange vinyl (500 copies.)
CD is a 2-CD set packaged with "The Peel Sessions."

“A wintry opiate… a hypnotic open loop of gentle drums, a bass that becalms, and a guitar that drifts purposefully from languid to leveling.”  — Spin

Galaxie 500 - This is Our Music

Galaxie 500's ambitious final album, remastered for LP in 2009.
CD is a 2-CD set packaged with "Copenhagen."

“Feedback never sounded so sweet.” — Billboard