The Memory Theater Burned - Book


The Memory Theater Burned - Book


Damon's first book of prose poetry, published in 2004.

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Paperback with wrapped jacket. 96 pages, 5 x 7 in.
ISBN 1-885586-95-7

Published by Turtle Point Press, New York

Throughout The Memory Theater Burned there are attempts to state the obvious – but truth is the most elusive of goals, and these prose poems bear witness to the many difficulties encountered in its pursuit. Magnifying mundane vexations to mythic proportions, The Memory Theater Burned is blackly comic, in the spirit of Kafka and Beckett — or Buster Keaton, who makes a cameo.

Praise for The Memory Theater Burned:

“Damon regards language as prayer thought. His lines move w/a strange speed of wonder yet w/an ear towards new found sound. This is good music.” — Thurston Moore

“A man digs a trench. Another begins to sing. Harmless enough for a start. So we trustingly follow the clear logical steps — and suddenly find ourselves on the other side of the mirror, in a new dimension of thought. From here, our daily predicaments seem both funny and sad, but always marvelous. In the end, a person may enter the groove of a record and become pure vibration. ‘Before me, and after me, came the
most beautiful trumpet solo.’”— Rosmarie Waldrop